Enjoy 64 ounces of palate-pleasing flavor equaling 10 full size flasks. Includes a FREE reusable squeeze bottle and Goonzquad funnel. Getcha some today!

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Bringing the Heat

Not just anyone could make a sauce worthy of the Goonzquad name. We knew we needed to find someone who could deliver the distinctive flavor we were looking for. When it comes to hot sauce, the folks at Hoff & Pepper are second to none. We reached out, teamed up, and got to work.

The Hoff & Pepper crew found us the best ingredients around, got to work in the kitchen, tested the recipe with us, and delivered a hot sauce unlike any other we've tried. Hoff and his team delivered exactly what we were looking for: a crowd-pleasing sauce that stands out from the crowd.

We couldn't be prouder of Dang Sauce. We hope you love it as much as we enjoyed partnering with Hoff & Pepper to make it.