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Introducing the easiest way to Hoff-up your meals on the go. Our TSA approved travel size hot sauce minis allow you to go anywhere with your favorite spicy companion. Now discreetly elevate your meals at your favorite restaurants, kick up that road trip food, and take those in-flight bloody marys to the next level!

Hoff's Original Hoff Sauce Hot Sauce - Travel Sized 3.4oz (100mL)

The one and only Everyday Hot Sauce. The one that started it all. Whatever you want to call it, if you’ve had it you know it’s good. If you haven’t tried it, get your tastebuds ready. This blend of farm-fresh, Tennessee-grown red jalapeño, habanero and chipotle peppers is smooth with just the right amount of kick. The perfect compliment to your favorite dishes and recipes, this award-winning sauce is sure to become your new favorite.

Ingredients: Red Jalapeño, Habanero, Chipotle, Salt, Vinegar, and Garlic

Suggested Pairings: Mac & Cheese, Jambalaya, Breakfast Burritos, Chicken Wings, Biscuits & Gravy, and so much more!

Heat Level: Great Taste (Medium)