The Makers

Aaron "The Hoff" Hoffman Founder & Chief Flavor Officer

Master of Sauce, Aaron is the prodigy behind our unparalleled products. Knowing full well everyone around the world needed to experience his creations, he began his mission to spread the gospel of Hoff across the globe. To this day Aaron continues to produce fine sauces and seasonings that cannot be replicated by mortal men. After all he is (wait for it)… THE HOFF!  

Michelle "Pepper" Hoffman Co-Founder & Director of Manufacturing

Señorita of Sauce, Pepper is an unstoppable force that has helped in every aspect of Hoff & Pepper. She’s the head of all manufacturing and does so much more. This Señorita keeps it muy caliente and her unmatched drive is the backbone of our company. There’s no Hoff & Pepper without Pepper and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Award Winning

Our sauces have won some of the most highly regarded awards in the industry including:

2016 - 1st Place - Hoff Sauce (Louisiana Style)

2017 - 1st Place - Hoff Sauce (Louisiana Style)

2017 - 1st Place - Smoken Ghost (Best Label)

2017 - 2nd Place - Hoff Sauce (Jalapeño Style)

2017 - 2nd Place - Smoken Ghost (Chipotle Style)

2018 - 1st Place - Hoff Sauce (Louisiana Style)

2019 - 2nd Place - Hoff Sauce (Louisiana Style)



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