Smoken Ghost 5 Year Anniversary Release

Smoken Ghost 5 Year Anniversary Release

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Our Smoken Ghost hot sauce is the second product we ever released. It's smooth, smoky, and flavorful while still packing a punch thanks to the generous amounts of ghost peppers and chipotle we use in the recipe. 

Five years ago, we were a company of only one full-time employee, our lovely Pepper, manufacturing in a small, windowless room in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since then, we've grown our team to over twenty full-time employees and our manufacturing space has quadrupled in size. 

Hoff in Hoff & Pepper's first space in the BDC! 

Hoff & Pepper celebrating earning their first manufacturing space!

When we first released Smoken Ghost in 2016, the first 1,000 bottles had limited edition labels in full-color. To celebrate five years since the initial release and the incredible growth and success we've had since then we've released another 1,000 bottles with labels in full-color.

But, we didn't stop there. We knew we wanted to do something unexpected and unique. So, we got together Travis Knight, Scott Chandler, and Adam Haskew to help put together The Rise of Smoken Ghost to celebrate this milestone. This comic book tells the origin of how King Hoff came to be the ghoulish Smoken Ghost we know today on his quest for flavor. Both the comic book and hot sauce bottle are boxed in a custom, full-color, fully illustrated box that lends to the creativity and the story of Smoken Ghost. And only 1,000 were made! Like, ever!

Panels from The Rise of Smoken Ghost comic book

We hope to continue going where no hot sauce companies have dared and exceeding the industry and our customers' expectations. Whether it be through sauces, comic books, or something completely different we're going to always try our best to pleasantly surprise you. 

To learn more about the Smoken Ghost 5-Year, check it out here! 

Keep it spicy and delicious, please be safe out there and rock out with your Hoff out! 

Smoken Ghost Hot Sauce - 5 Year Anniversary

Smoken Ghost Hot Sauce - 5 Year Anniversary


To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Hoff¬†& Pepper's most iconic hot sauce, we've announced a limited release of 1,000 Smoken Ghost¬†flasks with a fresh new full-color label.¬† Hoff's also been working¬†alongside¬†local artists to release our first ever Hoff &… read more

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