Swafford Family Farms- Hoff & Pepper's Source for Locally Grown Peppers

Swafford Family Farms- Hoff & Pepper's Source for Locally Grown Peppers

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An hour north of Chattanooga is the Swafford Family Farm on Dayton Mountain. This generational family farm is where we get our fresh, locally sourced jalapeños and habaneros for our sauces. These peppers from the Swafford Farm play an essential role in helping us create the freshest, best-tasting hot sauces possible. Read on to learn more about where we get our locally grown peppers.

We work directly with Tyler Swafford to ensure we have thousands of pounds of fresh peppers every week. And Tyler's peppers aren't like the ones you see in stores— his are huge and taste incredible. They have a complex flavor profile with fruity, sweet notes accompanying the spice. You could eat them on their own, but we recommend eating them in our sauce. ;)

We know each step every pepper takes in its journey from seedlings at Swafford Farms, to arriving at our facility and finally becoming a bottle of delicious hot sauce. After sewing the jalapeño and habanero seeds by hand, they're left to germinate before being moved into the greenhouse. Once spring has begun and the jalapeño and habanero plants have been growing in the greenhouse for a couple of months, they're planted in Tyler's pastures. Once the peppers are ready, Tyler and his crew handpick each and every pepper. 

Tyler believes in providing his crops with the necessary nutrients and fertilizers to naturally keep the plants' immune systems strong enough to fight back against pests and disease. He chooses this method rather than using chemical pesticides that disrupt the natural balance killing the bad pests as well as the helpful insects that are beneficial to crops.  

We truly believe the high-quality ingredients we use are what sets us apart. You can taste the freshness of Tyler's peppers in every drop of our hot sauces. The next time you have a chance, support your local farmers and I'm sure your taste buds will be thanking you later. 

Grab the gift box today and try all of the peppers that Swafford Farms provides to us. 

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