"It's Good"  - Jimmy Kimmel Trying Haus Sauce on Hot Ones Season 16

"It's Good" - Jimmy Kimmel Trying Haus Sauce on Hot Ones Season 16

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We've been bottling handmade, small-batch hot sauces since 2015 and we've been wanting to get our hot sauces on, "the show with hot questions, and even hotter wings," for quite some time. This year, we were finally able to join Sean Evans on the Hot Ones stage. 

On September 16th, the Season 16 Hot Ones lineup was announced. And third in the lineup is our sauce- Hoff's Haus Sauce. Sean Evans's describes Haus Sauce as a, "smoky, sweet blend of mustard, chipotle, red jalapeno and habanero peppers. If Oktoberfest meets Southern BBQ is your idyllic autumn hot sauce then this one right here, that's the sauce for you." 

Sean's description of Haus Sauce isn't too far from our own. A tip of the cap to my German Heritage, Hoff's Haus Sauce is a palate-pleasing blend of farm-fresh chiles, black mustard seed, and the slightest touch of clover honey. Hitting mustard and pickle high notes with a smooth finish, it pairs well with Bavarian favorites like brats, and soft pretzels, but it's just as tasty on wings, burgers, or a fried chicken sandwich. It's a taste trip to a Munich beer hall during Oktoberfest. 

We had known for a few months we would be on Season 16, but we had to keep it a secret until Sean Evans made the announcement himself. We've had so many friends, family and customers express their desire for us to be on the show over the years and now we could finally tell them, "we made it."

The following Monday of the announcement, September 20th, Jimmy Kimmel was announced as the guest kicking off Season 16. 

Thursday morning arrived and we gathered around excited to see how Jimmy Kimmel would handle his heat and more importantly how he would like our Haus Sauce. 

Jimmy did not disappoint. After asking Sean whether our company had any relation to David Hasselhoff, Jimmy continued cleaning the bone and said, "it's getting a little hotter. Ya, it's good too though. It tastes good." Pretty strong way for Haus Sauce to start the season if you ask us! 

Jimmy even managed to eat all the wings without taking a sip of water or milk. But, he did accuse Sean Evans of poisoning his guests. Hopefully, our hot sauce made a lasting impression on him! 

Keep it spicy and delicious, please be safe out there and rock out with your Hoff out! 

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