Hoff & Pepper Gift Guide for Father's Day

Hoff & Pepper Gift Guide for Father's Day

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With Father's Day just around the corner, we put together this guide to help make picking the perfect gift for Dad easier.

And if you really want to impress Dad, checkout our recipes and serve him up a delicious meal to make his Father's Day extra special. 

For the Dads Who Love to Grill- 

Are you constantly finding the Dad in your life outside firing up the grill? Does his idea of the perfect weekend include keeping an eye on the coals with a cold beer in hand? Then these are the sauces for him. 

Hoff & Pepper Dang Grill Master Father's Day

Dang Grill Master Set

Our Dang Grill Master set includes our Smoken Ghost Ketchup, Hoff's Original BBQ Sauce, Dang Sauce hot sauce, Smoken Ghost hot sauce and our Dirty Dust seasoning salt. Spicy, smoky, tangy, savory, and a little sweet— this set covers all the bases for Dad. 

Hoff & Pepper Smoken Ghost Ketchup Father's Day

Smoken Ghost Ketchup 

The perfect addition to just about anything you throw on the grill, our Smoken Ghost Ketchup is sweet and tangy with a smoky kick. All killer, no filler— you won't find any high fructose corn syrup or thickeners here. Your grill master dad will be lighting up the grill every chance he gets just to use our Smoken Ghost Ketchup. 

Hoff & Pepper BBQ Sauce Father's Day

Hoff's Original BBQ 

Hoff's Original BBQ sauce is sure to be a hit with Dad— great for basting or generously pouring over whatever you took off the grill. This molasses based bbq sauce with just a touch of heat and the right amount of sweet will quickly earn Dad's approval. 

For the Dads Who Love Camping-

Does Dad love spending his weekends outdoors far away from cell reception sitting around the campfire? This is for those adventurous Dads who would rather be gathering firewood in the wilderness. 

Hoff & Pepper Dirty Dust Father's Day

Dirty Dust Seasoning Salt 

Based off our award-winning Hoff Sauce, Hoff's Dirty Dust compliments foods with a note of citrus and a light smoky kick. Whether it's veggies, eggs, potatoes or burgers, Dad can easily take his campfire meals to the next level with this one seasoning. 

For the Dads Who Love to Travel-

If exploring new places is your dad's favorite pass time, then this is the gift for him. With our TSA-approved bottles, saucing on the go has never been easier. 

Hoff & Pepper Travel-Size bottles Father's Day

Hoff's Travel-Size Bottles

We offer travel-size bottles for our Hoff Sauce, Smoken Ghost, Hoff's Original BBQ and Mean Green. Grab Dad his favorite sauce in these conveniently sized bottles perfect for traveling. Or mix and match— whether he's traveling a couple states over or travelling to a different country make sure he has a variety of sauces to choose from. We also offer our travel-size bottles in our 4-Pack Hoff Sauce Gift Set

We hope you have have a great Father's Day! 

Keep it spicy and delicious, please be safe out there and rock out with your Hoff out! 

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